Saturday, June 9, 2012

Veronaville rnd 1, Lot 4 - Bianca Monty

All Who Live Here: Bianca Monty - Family. LTW - The dreaded RAISE 20 PUPPIES OR KITTENS. Between you and me, I think that comes up far too much in this game. Ugh.

Kent Capp - Knowledge.  LTW - To Become A Game Designer

First wishes:

Bianca: I want to get a puppy or a kitten, get married,and have a baby. Not necessarily in that order. Erm.

Bianca is one of Patrizio and Isabella's kids. So far in this hood she has done nothing but have aspirational failures on every lot she showed up on. Maybe she will have better luck now.  When first opening the lot, she was in red aspiration.

Oh what a pretty baby you are!  Yes you are!  *cough, sputter*

Poor Bianca!  She shows aspirational distress while waiting for a taxi to take her out on a date with Kent Capp.

You are hot, Kent! 

As soon as they get out of the car, Bianca rolls fall in love with Kent.  :)  I love this couple together. 

Woot!  There it is!  Bianca wants Kent.  But on the other hand, she probably would have taken just about anybody.  She proposes engagement, and Kent accepts, naturally. 

Bianca invites Kent home, and she invites him to move in.  He agrees to, and brings a whopping $550 with him.  The both immediately roll have a wedding party.  So be it!

It was the Wedding Party of Dirty Looks and Pokes.

While waiting for the nuptials to take place, Reagan Capp throws Isabella a dirty look.

Dah Dah ta-dum!  And it is done.

Everyone politely claps, but we know what is coming up.   (Right to left - Isabella Monty, Antonio Monty,  Romeo Monty, Cornwall Capp (in back), Mercutio Monty , Reagan Capp.) 

Point and laugh...make fun of.

**POKE!**        **CRACK**



**KICK**  (MAN THAT HAD TO HURT) almost feel sorry for Antonio...except these guys are both Montys so I think this was just a Smustle accident. heh



ISABELLA:  You no good...*&&%(#%%)!!!!  **CRRAAACK**

The party rated "Good Time"  hehe usually my wedding parties are roof raisers, but I guess the Montys and Capps had a really good time knuckle cracking and poking.

Bianca and Kent got their 5 wishes in the first day.  ;)

Since Bianca didn't have a career related LTW, she gets a job that Family Sims usually shoot for - education.  On Thursday, she gets this chance card.

That's right, let everyone eat candy!

Bianca, you lucked out...

Kent's job in Games was hard to come by, so he got a job in  Science.  Here he has a tough choice to make.

WooHoo, go you Kent~!  This is some badly needed cash.  The Capps can now revamp the house, and Bianca can get started on her LTW to raise all them cats or dogs.  Erm.

At this point in time on Thursday, Bianca's wishes seem to float more toward making friends than spending time with Kent.  Kent's wishes for Bianca are pretty generic. Talk to Bianca.  Entertain.  At this rate, they will never have any children!

 Bianca buys Zara (right) and Duke.  She is hoping for kittens with interesting markings.

I have noticed that when a Sim goes to a community lot, they will often spin up 'slow dance with Sim'.  What is the point in that?  I can usually circumvent it, but when my Sim is being hard pressed to throw any wishes that can be quickly fulfilled,  well, it is an only choice.  Bianca is being difficult with wanting vacations that there is no money to fund, and wants to be BFs with people, and those take time to build up.  Here is Joe Graham.  Unfortunately this resulted in a crush.  But who knows, this  might feed some interesting wishes later!  Hopefully with the purchase of the cats, she can throw some better wishes.

Being a knowledge Sim, Kent wants skills.  Bianca rolls a skill wish every time she needs it for her job.  Other wise, it is friend wishes.  She hasn't even rolled any wishes for her cats.  Who on Friday, did get a litter of kittens in production.  Hmmm...

UNCLE!  UNCLE!  I give.  Bianca and her blasted wish for a mountain vacation.  I tried sending her to other lots,  sleeping to shake up the wishes....going out of my way to get her to be BF with people...she kept this wish all week.  Just for that get to rough it.  No hotel for you!  Besides, you and Kent really don't have the money to spend on an expensive vacay!!!!  She leaves on Saturday.

The first thing she wishes for after checking in to her tent on the campgrounds is to go on a tour. She chooses Nature Trail.  Wow, that is $300!

Okay Bianca, you have redeemed yourself for spending the money on the tour.  Good show!

ASimWen:  Havin' trouble staying warm, Bianca??

Bianca:  Frackin' packin' grrblss....  (Unintelligible verbiage)

ASimWen:  Push me into giving YOU a vacation.....

ASimWen:  Oh I am sorry those bees got you, Bianca!!

Finally after two days of catching bugs, going on tour, fishing and sitting round the campfire, Bianca rolls wishes for Kent.  She calls him up on the phone for a chat and lets him know how much she misses him.  heh 

Upon her return from vacation, Bianca gets the Song Dynasty Vase as a 'thank you for the fun outing' gift from a tourist she met, and then Diane Merry leaves her a chess table from an outing before she went on vacation.  I have never seen the chess table left as a gift before.  Oh is the science person coming to visit Kent who is stargazing.

On Sunday night, three kittens were born.  Yay!  17 to go for Bianca.

And that is where we leave Bianca and Kent this round.  So far Risky has not been kind to them, even though 'have baby' has been locked in all week, and woohoo at least once a day. 


Kent was a good dependable Knowledge Sim and wanted to skill.   His job did not come up on the computer right away so he took a job in Science, and worked his way up to Inventor, then his desired career field came up on Friday.  He quit Science, and joined the Gamer career as a Noob.  On Sunday he rolled that Duke should gain some skills.  He wished for, and won a cooking contest twice.

 Bianca was a pain in my patooty.  I usually like playing her but not so much this time.  Mountain vacay spun up on Tuesday, and continually spun up.  By Thursday, the thing spun in and stuck.  Since Have a Baby was locked in, that only gave me two wish slots to work with.  Ugh.  Finally had to send her.  Upon coming back from vacation, she rolled alot of nature type wishes.  Despite having two bolts with Kent, her thoughts about him are few.  She learned fire prevention this week.

Have fun everybody!



  1. Great update! Yikes to another 'raise 20!'... lol. Yeah, the wedding was fun... heh.
    Not seen the chess table given as a gift, nice. Sims love Logic.. :)

  2. WHat's the matter with your game giving you 20 kittens all the time? Doesn't seem natural!

    1. ha I have no idea. I am swamped with that LTW!!!

  3. Holy cow!!! How many puppies and kitties wants are you at now? lol Bianca seemed very annoying this round, hopefully she starts rolling better wants soon

  4. Kent became a Monty on my game and they have six kids : Twins Phoebe and Adrian , Jordan , Samantha , Avah (the name of my sister) and Anthony (the name of my cousin)