Saturday, June 16, 2012

Veronaville - Rnd 1, Lot 7, Capp. Albany and Goneril

All who live here:

Albany - Famly - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens *ASimWen goes numb*

First Wishes:

Albany - I want to get a dog or a cat show I can show it to my best pal Puck Summerdream, tell Diane Merry about it, and then invite them both to a party.

Goneril - Fortune - Become A Business Tycoon

Goneril - I want to make some simoleons..well..make that 100 simoleons,  I want to be BFF with Hermia Capp, then I want to meet a new neighbor.

Miranda - Romance - Become A Professional Party Guest

Miranda - I want to go to University so I can gain a skill point.  I want to be BFF with Puck Summerdream, and maybe love him too so I can love two guys at the same time.  (Remember she and Mercutio Monty fell in love).

Desdemonna, Hal and Ariel - Grow Up

Hal - I want a dog or a cat, make friends with my sister Desdemona and talk with her some, then maybe get some skills doing something.

Desdemona - I want to get a dog or a cat, make friends with Hal, play with my cousin Hermia Capp, and get some skills like Hal.

Ariel:  I want creativity, charisma and logic.  And I don't know what else.  I am only two, ya know!  How am I expected to know what I want?  Wouldn't make any difference anyway, mom decides everything for me.

Albany manages to get Webster the stray dog to move in with them.  He is the future stud.  Now Albany will keep his eye out for a female stray.

Feeding Goneril's fortune Sim wishes...wants jewelry and clothes.  Your family can ill afford these luxuries, Goneril!

And a new set of clothes.  (I love the stuff at All About Style!)

Miranda has done a good job and instigated a fun outing gift for the family.  Thanks, Elizabeth Ng!  This is sorely needed money...what with trying to keep up with Goneril's Fortune Sim wishes!  It was immediately sold.

Miranda on a spun up date with Mercutio:  "*whisper whisper...Did you hear about Bianca Monty, she married a Capp...whisper whisper...*

Desdemona w/ Kimberly Monty - Hey, you copied my hair do.....

Thursay:  Hal:  So this is what it feels like to be bigger than pint size!  Hey, I think I want to be Popular with everybody, and have 5 Top Level Businesses!  *groan*  (Hey if it ain't easy, I groan!)

Ariel grows up alone in her bedroom, being mad at her dad.  Ugh.  Her first wishes:  Get logic 4, learn homework, get a lemonade stand,  and make a friend.  Pick the easy one...logic.

Goneril:  Yep, I want to get a bronze in flower arranging.  Maybe Hal can sell my daisy bouquets. 

Miranda reads a bedtime story to Desdemona.  Awww!

Goneril is fired from her job in Journalism.  Ouch.  she does however continue to look every day for a job in business.

On Saturday the entire family decide to go to the park, in an effort to shake up wishes.

Albany contemplates lamposts while Hal plays with his little sisters.

Woah!  Hold the presses!  Miranda and Benedick Monty are a three bolt!  Hmmmm....this will be interesting once everybody grows to adult.  ;)

Finally during the wee hours on Sunday morning, a large female dog comes by the house.  Goneril happens to be up.

It will be interesting to see the pups Webster and Alegra produce.  lol

Desdemona has grown up as a Fortune Sim.  Which means private school, after school jobs, and University.  She wants to be a Business Tycoon.

And this is where we leave the Albany Capp family for this round.  Got the kids into Private School by the hair of ther chinny chin chins.


Albany: Albany got a job in most Family Sims gravitate to...Education, being that he wants to raise animals for his ltw.  He spun up skills when needed for his about hobby.  Wanted a mountain vacation for a while but managed to get out of that by taking him off the lot.  I am surprised he didn't spin up wishes for another kid.

Goneril:  Wanted stuff Fortune Sims want, managed to indulge in enough every day to keep her happy.  Once Albany spun up the wish for a florist bench, she was all about flower arranging.  She has a bronze right now, and has silver locked in.  Her job in business came up on the computer on Friday, she hired in as an executive.

Miranda:  Romance Sim, who I thought loved Mercutio Monty.  But once she met Benedick Monty, she couldn't stop thinking about him.  They are a three bolt couple.  Wanted to date every day. Easy romance.

Hal:  Pop Sim, all about parties and making friends.  He was actually responsible for bringing Miranda and Benedick together at a party.

Desdemona:  As a child constantly wished to do things with her mom and dad, and gravitated to Hal to play with.  Once she grew up to Fortune Sim, it was constant wishes for skills, University, and scholarships. 

Ariel:  Largely ignored as a toddler.  Her crib was on the second floor, and I would forget she was up there because of trying to keep everybody going downstairs.  I found her passed out on the floor three times up there.  It is a wonder the social worker didn't come for her.  As a child she wanted to do things with Webster, and play with Hal.  Both of Hal's little sisters seemed to really want to spend time with him. 

This ends Round 1 in Veronaville.  Stats below.  Next up, back to Pleasantview!

Round 1 Stats:


  1. i always forgot to use the money trees. I try to do the hard way.

    1. Well, money trees aren't really good for income unless you have a whole room full of them. I use them to fulfill the fist wish a Fortune Sim is always showing which is 'make money' and 'make $100' Usually they die after that, they continually get plucked and not watered.

  2. A very good round. I like Miranda, she is great with all the kids- not very 'Romancy', but still. :)
    Can't wait to see what puppies are produced- I still can't believe you got that LTW again... haha. Your Veronville will be full of pets! :D

  3. i hardly seem to get the pets ltw. (now i have said that i probably get it all the time.

  4. I hardly got it in the past, but now my machine seems to be stuck in that mode! Hmmm maybe I will get good at it!

  5. I love All about style, too! And this was a full lot, amazed you could handle them all!

    1. Took me all week in the evenings to play it! It was a blast though!

  6. Wow, that was a busy house. So many pet wants! I guess this will be a town full of pets. :) The girls are pretty sweet, and a 3-bolt couple already. Amazing.

  7. I suspect that the read X on the photo capturing Ariel growing up is because someone had decided to use the bathroom at that time and "locked" its doors. ~j7n

    1. I can't wait to get back to this hood. I love playing this busy family.