Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 6: Pleasant

Alrighty then. Back when Don Lothario took Kaylynn out for a public woo-hoo, Daniel Pleasant happened to be on the lot, and caught Kaylynn red handed. So, when the Pleasant lot is opened, Kaylynn walks onto the lot, then immediately exclaims everything is clean, and leaves. No woo-hoo for Daniel.

So Daniel gets his woo-hoo from MarySue, who did NOT get fired, but merely got demoted. Hmmm.... Even though Kaylynn had long left the lot, she came running back into the house out of nowhere to get miffed about Daniel and MarySue woo-hooing, with the "Cheater" symbol over her head. And....Risky is working overtime. MarySue got pregnant in the middle of all this. In all the times I have played the Pleasants, I never let them have another child, I figured they did such a miserable job with the twins.

At any rate, when the lot first opens, Daniel, who wants Be A Rock God, has a wish to talk, so he chats it up with MarySue before she leaves for work. MarySue has a wish to make money, so she plucks the money tree clean. She wants to be a World Class Ballet Dancer. And the twins both want a charisma skill, which they quickly get before the bus comes. Angela wants to be a Media Magnate, and Lilith wants to Become a General.

Now, why is the Diva snatching the newspaper?? I just activated downtown! LOL

Keeping up with Daniel's wishes were not hard. Romance Sim. Do I need to say more. Every day he wanted to date, everyday it was MarySue...so she easily got 5 wishes fullfilled as well.

Just like the first time I played this house, Lilith was a party animal. Dirk came every time, and she always invited Alexander Goth. This picture shows how socially inept he seems to be. While Dirk kisses Lilith, Alexander does the smustle....

Another successful party! A wish fullfilled!

On Sunday, it is time for Baby Pleasant to be born. (Yes, that is Daniel in his work outfit).

And what was the number one name for girls in the 1880's? Mary. Ha. So, MarySue Pleasant gave birth to Mary Pleasant. Mother and daughter look alike. And Daniel has just arrived home from work, so naturally he wants to date. *sigh*

Angela was sooo...soooo generic. Nothing exciting or fun. I refused to buy stuff for her. ugh.

So that ends this visit with the Pleasants. When the lot opens it is already Thursday, I really only had 4 days with them. Not much time to do anything.


Daniel: Don't think he is going to meet his LTW of becoming a Rock God. He ages next time the lot opens. It never came up during this play. Romance Sim...mostly wanted to date, and MarySue was around all the time because of her pregnancy. So really did not have to worry about him rolling wants for other women.

MarySue: Rolled lots of wishes for Daniel, and things for her job. Skills, and a car. Ended the play with a car in her backpack, and the job level of Aerobics Instructor. Yes, her job came up on the computer.

Lilith: Party, party, party. Seems that her wishes were more inline with a Pop Sim than Angela.

Angela: Wanted skills, creativity. She rolled party once, but only in the middle of Lilith's partying. She also rolled University, while Lilith did not. I think Angela is a Knowledge Sim in Pop Sim clothes. Angela will attend.

Mary: Still and infant.


  1. Wow, the Pleasants were so much more Pleasant than I expected. :) It will be interesting to see if Mary looks anything like her sisters.

  2. Wow, what an interesting change from the first time you played. It was very fun....lol...MarySue having Mary. It will be fun to see how Mary grows up.

  3. Daniel is faithful! What a twist of fate :)