Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rnd 2, Lot 4: Brandi Broke

All Who Live Here: Brandi Broke, (LTW to Have Golden Anniversary), children Skip, Stephen, and Robert

When the lot opens, Brandi is in solid platinum with enough aspiration points to buy an energizer and some smart milk. Maybe she can teach the twins to walk before they grow up!

She has a wish to play with Angela Pleasant (who currently wants to sue Alexander Goth's ass) so she calls her up and has a nice visit, fulfilling wish after wish with her. Play, admire, tell jokes. This was great because Brandi needs all the aspiration points she can amass. After several wishes fulfilled, she gives Robert some smart milk and begins working on his wish to learn how to walk. Brandi also spins up to become an architect or a oceanographer. The job comes up, and she takes it. She teaches Robert to learn how to walk, and fulfills a wish for Stephen by teaching him to talk. Both boys grow up in platinum, Miracle Mites.

Meet Popularity Sim Beau Broke. And this boy ain't gonna be broke! His LTW is to own 5 Top Level Businesses! He will get started on it right away, what a help he will be to his mother.

Beau opens a poker parlor by placing a table in his bedroom. Brandi's bedroom now has her bed in it, and the three twin beds for her boys. Crowded! I am hoping a suitable man will come to the poker parlor for Brandi to share her Golden Anniversary with.

Woah! Lucy Burb and Beau Broke have fallen in crush all their own during one of Beau's many parties he had. It happened so fast I didn't see what when on.

Twins Robert and Stephen roll constant wants to see and do things with the two Goth kids, Danielle and Erik. They became close friends.

Ah-hah. This is Neil Cameron. Brandi has a two bolt attraction to him. Someone she can have a golden anniversary with! Unfortunately she didn't meet him until Friday, so there was not enough time before the round ended to get friendly enough with him to get him to move in.


Brandi was much easier to play this round than last. Being that she started the round in platinum, then got the job of her choice, made her a happier Sim. Her wishes were for skills, logic and body. She needed body for her job. She did not roll any wishes to do things with her kids, I found this odd for a Family Sim. She opes to move in Neil next round so her LTW of Golden Anniversary can be met. She ended the round as a Marine Biologist in Oceanography.

Beau: Beau wanted parties, parties. When his home poker business hit level 3, then he wished for a level four, which he got. He rolled no wishes for University. Beau and Lucy have one bolt of attraction, but fell in crush all on their own. This will be interesting.

Robert and Stephen: Their wishes pretty much mirrored. They wanted to spend time with the Goth kids, and Stephen wished for lots of logic. He has seven logic skill points. They had wishes like swing me around, read to me.


  1. I've never had great luck with businesses yet. I'm still working on that LTW with Hua-Ling in Breeze Point, but I'm not good at it yet. I LOVE Lucy's shirt, so cute.

    1. I have done this LTW a couple of times. Once you do it that family never has to work again because so much money is made.

  2. Nice to see the develpment of the family from completely broke and miserable to a bit better off. Just if Brandi could get her man!