Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rnd 2, Lot 1: Don Lothario

Well Don's LTW job came up on the computer on Monday, To Become A Professional Party Guest. Slacker. Don, you SLACKER!! So, Don leaves the medical profession and joins the throngs of slackers in Pleasantview.

Following Don's wishes otherwise, he wanted to woohoo as well. Not suprising, so he calls Rose Dial, a girl from his address book he has a crush on, but not in love with.

Don and Rose 'make out' right away, and head for the bedroom. Uh-huh. Easy peasy. Then they snooze for a while, Don gets out of bed feeling refreshed, and sends Rose packing. Now he wants to meet somebody new. Of course.

Oh, but who should come walking by, but the Garden Club lady. I think, no harm can come of this. Don runs out to meet Tiffany Zarubin. After chatting for a few minutes, Tiffany pulls the old "Hey, I know somebody you would really get along with. Let me set you up on a blind date." Don is game. Who should it be but....

Heather Huffington. Okay, she is cute. They kiss, and she heads inside. Then Don's phone rings. It is Rose.

Don does nothing but think about Rose. After innocent chit chat, and a sit in the hot tub, the date with Heather ends. Since Don was not showing any doable wishes toward Heather, not much happened. However as soon as the date ends and he says goodbye to Heather,

Yeah. Rolls wants to do things with Heather. I think the guy just can't make up his mind.

And this proves it... This day he wishes to ask someone out on a date. Well, Don thinks he would like to date yet another new chick. Sarah McCarthy. In Don's eyes, age does'nt matter.

She seems okay. She is game for a ride with 'ol Don.

Well, a woman of her age and experience knows how to properly take care of a man. She gives him a great back rub and a few kisses.

A dream date. Another one of Don's wishes fulfilled.

Kaylynn is still upset with Don for his weakness.

Ah...hah. Don is on the telephone bragging about his woohoo prowess, and Kaylynn comes by to steal his paper, yet gets the hots for him at the same time. hehe!

By now, Don is moving right up the ladder in the Slacker field. He gets the primo chance card correct, and gets $75,000 for showing bunnies in a movie. Yay Don! He could move to a bigger home now if he needed to...if he had a big family. heh

To celebrate his riches, Don rolls a want to go on a tropical island vacation, so off to Twiki Island he went. He met this tourist...ha.. can't recall her name. He rolled constant wants to date her, to kiss her, to do things with her. This was an easy vacation.

Upon his return from vacation, he rolled wishes to do things with old girlfriends, Marisa Bendette and Dina (Caliente) Goth. He first dated Marisa, and during this date Kaylynn came over to clean the house, and then proceeded to throw hissy fits because Don was 'cheating' on her. Now he has a trash can kicker. Then he dated Dina. *sigh*

DON'S WISHES this round centered around women, women, women. I have seen Romance Sims occasionally run a wish to get engaged, and I keep waiting to see this for Don. Maybe he will as an elder? Don was a fun play this round.


  1. I have found an enjoyment in playing Romance sims. I didn't like them for a long time, but I've got a couple now I love playing...namely Denis Marzena in Breeze Point. He's the Don of that neighborhood. :)

  2. Prosperity playing teaches good Knowledge/Family/etc SimGodesses to play ruthless Romance sims and to enjoy it. I have gone that way too :)