Friday, February 17, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 3 - Caleinte

Soooo...this is what happens when Mortimer dies before the Caliente house is played for him to come strolling in front of....

Dina wants to become engaged to Don. She did have some really swell dates with him, after all. Well, I know that isn't Don's wish. However, the citizens of Pleasantview let me know who they want to be with. And Dina wants Don. *sigh* OKAY! Let's do it! :) Dinas LTW: To Become Head of the SCIA. She will have to compete with Darren Dreamer for that job. After all, there can only be one head, right?

Nina on the other hand had pretty generic wants when the lot first opened. Hmmmm.... Her LTW is to have 20 Simultaneous Lovers. Alrighty then! Lets get started. :) Nine goes right to Mr. Humble's comptuer and gets a job in the Slacker field. First wish fullfilled.

Well. I failed to get pictures of Dina's proposal. But Don accepted. First wish fullfilled for Dina. Then the little wench Nina stepped right between the happy couple and grabbed Don's butt. Which, Don rather enjoyed, but Dina didn't take kindly to it.

She's spreading the hate around pretty well now. But she still wants to marry Don. And she will remain engaged to him until she likes him well enough to marry him if she doesn't roll break up with Don. hehe

Alright, good grief. Nina rolls woo hoo in hot tub and bed. Don is still there...hmmm...after is now nightfall and I think I can sandwich in 5 wishes for Nina with Don around before midnight. Romance Sims are so easy. Here is the kicker. Risky was not nice to the Family and Knowledge Sims on the last lot just played (The Goths) but it hits this lot HARD. Yup, Nina gets pregnant in the hot tub with Don's baby. erm. How fun!!!

Dina is a lost cause to get 5 wishes in this day. She is still stuck in the 'marry Don' mode, but hates him at the same time.

Nina and Don take a break from woo-hooing to scarf down some delicious mac-n-cheese that Dina made. Owwww...that's gotta hurt. If looks could kill.

On Tuesday, Dina is still wishing for a wedding party, and now wants to marry anyone. All the while, cussing out Don when he comes to steal the paper coupled with 'hate thoughts' about Nina. Geesh!

At this point, I realize I hadn't added Downtown. So I did so thinking it might assist Pleasantviewians in meeting more people, to "stir the pot" a little, so to speak. I am shying away from adding Bluewater, I get sick of seeing Malcom Landgrabbe showing up everywhere.

On Wednesday, Dina gets a promotion to coffee sound shop engineer, with no job with the SCIA in sight. She is no longer harboring wants to get married. This day Nina is romancing Daniel Pleasant (who has already fallen in crush with her) and Don calls Dina up on the phone to chat. Perhaps he is trying to make up? Dina now wants a car, to go to the Orient, buy a $600 game, or make $2500. Well, none of those look really appealing to me. She doesn't really have the cash to go on vacation. Hmm, what to do. Dina buys the poker table for $630, (wish fullfilled!) four cheap chairs from Ikea, and a ticket machine. You got it...home business. She may not get the $2,500 right away, but she might. Oh and the phone call from Don?

Yeah. As soon as I added Downtown, the nagging calls start coming. I figured though, it is Don. Her love. So she decides to go, and put off opening the home business until she gets back. She might get some wishes fullfilled downtown, and I won't have to send her on vacation.

Now, there is a reason I don't like invites to go downtown. They are usually to cause trouble. Even though I did not choose Nina to go on this outing she left her visit with Daniel, and hopped in the car anyway. Kaylynn also showed up. Now I am in a conundrum. Let Kaylynn or Nina make a pass at Don and get Dina upset with him all over again? Let nature take it's course? Yeah~! We will see what happens. AWKWARD.

Okay, here it is. Everything was going along swimmingly, Dina ends the outing and goes outside to call the taxi. Melissa Fancey shows up and flirts with Don..haha.....and puts Kaylynn and Nina at odds with him. As long as Dina doesn't catch on, it might be all right. hehe! Love it!

And....Dina realizes the $2,500 wish within 6 hours of her business opening once she got back from her downtown outing with Don! Gave it another 8 hours, and she realized her wish to make $3,000! Hey, I think I am onto a racket here!

Meet little John, Don's son. I have decided to use names from the 1880's. John was number one! I think we will call him Johnny. Dina stopped basking in the success of her latest job promotion to Summer Camp Music Teacher long enough to notice little Johnny's entrance into the world. And customer Kennedy Cox went right on slurping up spaghetti without noticing a baby was just born in front of him.

On Friday night, Dina and Don seemed to start patching things up. But Dina hasn't rolled any romantic type wants for him. But look at this, she seems to be having hateful thoughts about...herself!!! Dina gets fired from her job, which opened up wishes to get a new job, ect. Getting fired isn't always a bad thing, if the wishes are being played. She takes a job in the medical profession, all the while keeping an eye on the job ads.

Just as she did the first time around, she rolled a wish to get a makeover station. Dina starts dolling out free makeovers, which made the customer satisfaction stars start pouring in for her home poker venue. Didn't she do a good job here on Christy Stratton?

And Johnny ages to toddler. What a cutie-pie!

And, with his mom's help, he realizes his first wish on his birthday by learning how to talk.

Now here is something I have never seen. Sim toddlers in a snowsuit!

And we end this week with a level five biz for Dina....and a solid platinum attitude!


Dina: Dina's wishes (once she got over wanting to marry Don) was convoluted with wanting to buy stuff. Well, not having that kind of cash flow, I decided to let her have a home business, and this stopped the "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" wishes. She instead began wishing for things for her business. Advance her business to the next level, get skills for her job.

Nina: Nina wanted to date, occasionally rolled a wish for a skill point, and constantly wanted to meet new people which she did on the computer by chatting. She rolled wishes for dates a couple of times, and has one love toward her LTW of 20.

Johnny: Being a kid, he wanted to learn to walk, talk, and potty. Once that was accomplished, he wanted to play with his bunny head to gain charisma, and wanted lots of interaction with his mom. I am proud to say I was successful with his wishes. I tend to ignore toddlers.


  1. Nice job...this was WAY different, but kind of more exciting then the last time. I loved the outing, had me cracking up.

  2. Wow, it was like a soap opera this time! ;) I really enjoyed it. I guess you never really know how things will turn out when you let the sims choose what they want.

  3. Wow, how different this house is this time. Too funny the drama surrounding Don and the women vying for his attentions.

  4. What a great job with the Caliente's! Little John is so cute! Christy Stratton looks brilliant- I HATE her in that awful tracksuit but at least she'll wear it well now! Yeah, Downtown outings are a nightmare sometimes, but I'm loving how things are stirring up.

    1. I need to get a picture of Christy and post it. She looks GREAT now. Her hair color matches her workout suit, and she has on cool looking pair of shades. I have never played her and didn't realize how pretty she is!

  5. This was really different than last time I must say :)

    1. Yes it did turn out alot different. But I am happy with it.