Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rnd 2, Lot 3: Dina (Caliente) Goth

All who live here: Dina (Caliente) Goth (LTW - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top of Their Career), and children Gareth Goth and Walter Goth.

Well well well this is what I get for not watching things close. I had one eye watching My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn on TCM when I opened this lot. Nope, the sound was turned off on my laptop. When I bothered looking at the screen, this fire was fully engulfed. The twins, Walter and Gareth were upstairs in their cribs and the nanny and butler were doing who knows what.

Dina was in the bathtub. I send her downstairs to the kitchen phone to call the fire department, as she has no cell phone. Well, she started the 'I am too excited over the fire to stay on the phone long enough to make the call' thing. So she tried to extinguish it herself. The thoughtless butler walked right into the fire to sweep up the ashes of the lost stove, refrigerator, and three counters that have burned. He catches on fire. Dina finally makes the call to the fire department, and gets the butler put out by the nice fireman. *sigh* Thought I was gonna have a tragedy on my hands.

This was a good time to remodel Dina's kitchen.

Dina immediately eats. Her needs were so low it was as if she fried herself in the energizer in green aspiration. Well, her aspiration was green, so I couldn't throw her in there. At any rate, it took until the middle of the day on Tuesday before her needs were full again, and she was able to start fufilling fortune type wishes. Buy this, buy that, get a couple of logic skills.

In the middle of the kitchen fire, Maxx the puppy grew up, so Dina started his training for his job in show biz.

Walter and Gareth come home from school on the first day of being kids, and wanted to play in the snow. Thus, snow angles were made, and a snowball fight took place. The boys became good friends. Dina then helped the boys with their homework, further fulfilling more wishes.

Toward the end of winter, Dina rolls a want to go on a date. Being these are my favorite type of wishes, I grabbed it. She had a crush on the gamer guy, Mokato Traver.

Crimeny! After an fulfilling a wish to dance (I used 'Classic Dance') she rolls a wish to get engaged to him. I hadn't intended to marry her off to anyone else. *sigh* I figure she is looking for happiness; she has a two bolt attraction to him. Dina, you realize this will be your third husband, right?

Dina: I know. But the other two were old. Maybe this one will last a while.

Upon her return from her date with Mokato, I see she has an attraction to her butler. DOH! She is acting more like a Romance Sim!

Cripes. The butler did it to himself again. However, Dina had had a fire alarm installed, so the fire department came right away!

Dina starts having second thoughts about marrying Mokato since she realized she really liked her butler. So she asks him how much money he has. Hmmmm she decides to take a chance on him. He says he has a fat bank account!

Liar liar pants on fire! This is grounds for breaking up the engagement!

Blajez: Traver, I am on to you.

Mokato: Izzat so, Mr. Butler Man?

Blajez: I was placed in this home by Mr. Mortimer Goth to watch after and care for his wife, Ms. Caliente-Goth and his two sons Walter and Gareth upon his death. I have dedicated my life to this task. Ms Caliente is a fine lady, a fine hard working lady. Do not harm a hair on her head, or you and I will become very intimate.

Mokato: We'll just see, Mr. Butler Man. Like, I am the one who sleeps with her at night. You are the one who goes home at 8:00. I think, like, there's no contest in this game.


Blajez: Traver, I have changed my mind. I will not wait for you to do something to Ms. Goth. You leave NOW...TODAY...or I will arrange an unpleasant trumped up charge that will put you behind bars for 20 years, that will not be traceable back to myself or Ms. Goth.

And so Mokato leaves after an ugly break up scene with Dina. Walter started crying even though he had had no interaction with Mokato. Now I have to decide what to do with him. Prosperity rules say I must keep playing him, but I have no desire to do so. Since there was no monetary gain from making Mokato playable, I don't see that it is necessary to play Mokato in his own house. I will return him to NPC status as a townie.

Dina: Darling....

Blajez: This is a sin, after what I promised Mr. Mortimer, my lady.

Dina: Mortimer would not want me to be unhappy and alone, Blajez. Will you stay with me forever and ever?

Blajez: Yes miss, I will. I will.

Dina: Call me Dina.

Blajez: Dina, then.


Dina's wishes surrounded buying things, and occasionally to get a skill point even though she isn't working. Morty left her lots of money to be able to stay home and raise her boys, and work on her LTW of having six pets reach the top of their careers. When late winter hit, she started having romantic interest, she didn't wait for spring. She wasn't difficult to keep up with.

Mokato was only in the house for three days and two nights. He is a Fortune Sim, and wanted to skill, skill, skill like a Knowledge Sim. He just sat and read cookbooks all day.

Walter and Gareth ran lots of wishes to do things with the dog Maxx, and making friends. They ran the poor dog ragged commanding him to do the tricks he had learned for his job promotions. Next round he will reach the top of his career. That will be one pet down, 5 to go. The boys are coming in handy for teaching Maxx his skills, as well.

Yes, I did make Blajez selectable for a short while to open up additional menu options for Dina so she could pursue him.


  1. Wow....always "fun" to start with excitement like a fire. :) I like the newly designed kitchen though. Those counters are very fun. This butler of her is not fire friendly....or is that he's TOO fire friendly?, I've never asked about how much money, but apparently you shouldn't trust it. Wow...Dina seems to have things for older guys.

  2. I suppose if you felt any need to keep playing Mokato you could put him in a house and then ignore him enough during his round that he ended up torching himself or something. I'd think since he wasn't around for a full round anyway that it should be ok to shunt him back to NPC status though.

  3. There might even be more babies! And another old huseband :)

    1. I like the old husbands. hehe better if they are rich too!!!