Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rnd 2, Lot 2: The Goth Mansion

All Who Live here: Cassandra Goth (LTW Marry Off 6), Alexander Goth (LTW Become Education Minister), and Angela Pleasant (LTW To Become A General)

When the house first opens, Angela wants to become friends with Cassandra, in all her Pop Sim ways.

So she gives Cassandra a present, and that does it. Alexander, being the Family Sim that he was started it. Hug Angela. Flirt with Angela, ect. Easy. that lead to woo-hoo, and Angela gets pregnant right away, thank you Risky. Try for Baby is never chosen in Pleasantview. Cassandra was at work when the lot opened, but when she came home she wanted to talk about hobby...ect. Did not have any thoughts about Darren Dreamer.

Angela wanted to do nothing but have parties, and party she did. If you recall, Dustin had many thoughts about her upon leaving University, and constantly wanted to be with her at this party. I started wishing I could see his wishes. hehe but Angela didn't roll any specifically for him. Sims are so silly.

Unfortunately Angela had invited this particular professor to one of her parties, I think I will call him Mr. Troublemaker. He is the same prof that caused trouble between Dirk and Lillith back at Uni. He made a pass at Angela, and Alexander took it to heart. Now Angela and Alexander are in negative relationship. I was kinda hoping to see break up wish roll up on one of them, but did not. They aren't married yet either, so we will have to see how long it will take to repair the relationship enough so they can get married.

She wont' sleep with him! Angela, you are the one who let the professor kiss you! Methinks this should be the other way around! Good thing this house has another bedroom!

John and Betty are born. Yes, Alexander's twins perk was turned on. Alexander being the jealous schlep, slept through the birth, but Cassandra was up up to help. So it looks like the Pleasant name will persevere in the neighborhood.

Awww....they have fallen out of love. Hm. Interesting.....

OMG...Alexander attacks Angela....Angela is strong, the attack doesn't seem to phase her. Must be all those fights she had with Lillith in University. She leaves for work as an astronaut. She is almost to her LTW as a General.

Alexander: Yeah. Any woman of mine will love me and only me!!!! I do not share!

Ah but Alexander...I see you are sorry! (Alexander immediately rolls a wish to flirt with Angela.

Alexander - Yes, I had to teach her a lesson! You do not cheat on a Goth!

Yes, well, I think you will have a difficult time getting her to like you again! I don't think the way to teach her a lesson is to smack her around, though. Let's just hope there is no repercussions from your outburst.

Alexander - *shrug*

Despite Alexander's attack, Angela meets her LTW. Now she wants to become The Law.

Angela: Yeah, I am going to sue Alexanders' ass.

Meet Danielle Goth. Cassandra has started adopting children to get started on her LTW to marry off six. I really did think she would have thoughts about Daniel during this round . Hmmmmm...Daniel? Danielle? Is this a coincidence?

Danielle makes friends with Cassandra's second child, Erik Goth. This fulfilli's Erik's first wish.

Okay. So spring season begins, and everyone's thoughts turn toward love. Cassandra rolls a want to kiss.

She immediately calls Darren Dreamer, who comes running right over. Cassandra kisses him hello, spins a want to go on a date. She flirts with him, and rolls a want to get engaged to him. YES!!!! I was so happy to see this. I really wanted them to get together.

Darren: You aren't the only one. I wasn't sure she would have me.

Way to go Alexander!

Alexander: I couldn't let Angela out do me.

So Alex, what are you going to do now?

Alexander: I think I will Marry Off Six Children!

*ASimWen chokes*


Cassandra's wishes were pretty generic. Since there was a computer in the house, she consistently rolled 'blog about gaming' 'play computer game' 'talk about X hobby'. Hum. Occasionally rolled a skill. Strangely even though she is the one that brought the Slap Dance to Pleasantview, she rarely rolled the want to do it. She didn't get interesting to play until Spring rolled around, and Darren reentered her life.

Alexander's wishes centered around doing things with Angela until he caught her kissing Mr. Troublemaker. Then his wishes became generic like Cassandra's. Ho hum. Now he wants to marry off six children. Don't think so. Since there is no Prosperity scoring for satisfying more than one LTW, it won't happen. Perhaps if it wasn't neighborhood bloating, I would go for it.

Angela's wishes centered around having parties. She never rolled any for her children. I think I am not liking her very much.

Danielle and Erik's wishes were kid type wishes. Jump rope. Get a skill. Not hard.

Betty and John..pretty much ignored.

All in all, this was a fun play.


  1. I kind of like Angela's outfit....she's a pretty sweet girl. That Risky will get you when you least expect it. :D That stupid Drama prof! Wow....Alexander has a bit of a temper, but he's a softie for her. YAY....Cassandra and Darren FINALLY figure it out. :D Aww...sadness that Angela never rolled wants about her kids. :(

  2. Will be interesting to see if Angela and Dirk ever patch things up enough to really get together, and how things end up going in this house in general. Good luck with them!

  3. How will you fit all the kids into this house?! *worryworry*