Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 4 - Broke

The Broke house is always hard. Always. I think it is programmed to make everybody's needs plummet extra fast. Haha! I was really sleepy when I started this lot, and didn't blog as I played, so I will try to remember that happened on the first couple of days. Brandi's LTW - Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens. Doesn't the game know I don't want that LTW???

I decided to concentrate on particular wishes from Brandi. I didn't want her rolling "Find Love" and then never find it. Her first wishes where to do things with Dustin. Joke, Talk. She kept rerolling the same wishes, and she kept it up until he left for school. Beau's wishes were attention type wishes from his mom. Brandi managed to sit down with him and teach him to talk, yes, right away! Wishes fulfilled for both as soon as the lot opened. Dustin's wishes were to kiss Angela, which he did right after school, then he spun up 'Get Into Private School' and "Go To College". Ah-hah. By now, it was 2:30. He calls the headmaster, and Brandi drags out of bed so her cooking skills can be used to make a nice dinner for the Headmaster. Dustins LTW - To Become A Prestidigitator.

BJ Ryan is usually pretty easy, but he kept giving Dustin the cold shoulder at every turn. Didn't want to chat, wouldn't accept smooze interaction. Brandi made salmon. Ryan wasn't impressed with Dustin's bedroom, but the rest of the house he liked alright. Dustin managed to get the visit up to 75 points, and Ryan kept turning down Dustin's attempts to smooze to talk. So Brandi smoozed, for another 10 points. Then an innocent flirt thrown by Brandi toward Ryan put it over the top.

Yay! Teamwork is always best!

I have to say, this play of the Broke house has not been as fun. Brandi couldn't even cheer up her co workers. She did well the first day or two of interacting with her childern, but after that it was mooning around about making herself feel better, and not in mom like ways!

Beau was a regular clean-a-holic. Thank goodness for that, nobody else wanted to do it.

By the time the third child Charles aged to toddler, there were enough aspiration points between Dustin and Brandi to get one energizer, and some smart milk. Brandi happily fed Charles smart milk, and was able to fulfill his first wish to learn to talk. Yay!

In fact, Charles learned all the toddler skills, then moved on to wanting attention from Brandi.

Alright, this just tickled me. When the carpool came to get Brandi for the law enforcement career field, Dustin hopped into the police car with her to go to work in the Criminal field.....

By Saturday night, Brandi was able to fall in crush with Tyson Ebadi, two bolts. She rolled "Fall In Love" on Thursday and never lost it. Hope this is the one.

And this is where we end this week:

Dustin getting his 6th logic skill point.


Brandi: Brandi did pretty will the first two days interacting with her children. Then after that it was all about her. She constantly wished to be best friends with so and so, to get married, to fall in love, to get skills for her job. Luckily, her boys Beau and Charles made up for interactions with her.

Dustin: Dustin was very different this time than last time. He wished to make money, but also to amass skill points. Didn't roll any wishes to buy anything. Unusual for a Fortune Sim. He did roll the wish to go to college.

Beau: Was not as fun this time as last. He never rolled any of the child type wishes of swing me around or read to me. It was to become BF with so and so, and to get A's at school. I don't like to see the BF wishes roll up because it usually occurs days before it can be done if one waits for the relationship to naturally rise. It is difficult for children to artificially raise it like adults can.

Charles: Was easy. Like John (Lothario) Caliente, once Charles learned all his toddler skills, he wanted interaction with his mom, and to get skills. He was a resounding success.


  1. Congrats on doing so well at the Broke house, especially with private school. And yes, the game does know you don't want to raise 20 pets, Wen. ;) I don't enjoy that one either.

    1. So far I have two of those LTW's in this hood! GAAHHHH!

  2. Lol, there's some kind of irony in Dustin getting into the cop car to go to work isn't there? He probably will be brought home in it if he sneaks out (usually happens when I play them!). LOL. Watch this space, :D

    1. Ha well Dustin never rolled to sneak out this round, I kept watching for it. hehehe! I am sure I have seen someone with the criminal job get in the cop car before, but never noted it. Since I am playing differently, I am enjoying things I never did before!

  3. LOL.....I loved how Brandi and Dustin shared a police car to go to work, even though Dustin is in the criminal career.

    I'm going to have to try this style of play sometime, it seems really fun. I've been trying to work in fulfilling a few more wants in Fellowship One which has been fun, but not like this. :)

  4. Let's hope for more love for Bransi this time around!

  5. Haha. That is a good moment, catching a criminal enter a police car voluntarily. Although, you never know, when all sims seem to be under mind control so often. Not sure which expansion pack has this behavior, since it's been some time since I played Seasons. In FreeTime I think there were multiple carpools... Or maybe I'm wrong.

  6. Maybe Dustin is a double agent? I'm reading through this blog, starting from the beginning. Love it so far!