Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 1: Lothario

*Sigh* So here I am starting Wishes in Pleasantview over again, after an unpleasant episode with my laptop. But luckily I was only a round and a half into the neighborhood. I think from now on I will BACKUP. hehe!

In the first play of Wishes, Don's LTW was to become a Professional Party Guest. This time he wants to be a Hall Of Famer. I like the career oriented LTW's. But let's see if he can make it while wooing women!

I let him woohoo Nina Claliente, because he had a wish for it. It was his first wish fulfilled.

Yeah. Yadda, came Dina.

After woohooing Dina, Don spins up these wants. Hmmm....he has one more want left for his first day. He fulfilled a couple by meeting a new person (Garden Club Lady) and flirting with Dina. How was I gonna do this???? Well was going to have to be the public woo hoo one. Lock it in.

Ahhhh and so the Pleasantview soap opera continues. Don meets Kaylynn for some public woohoo and Daniel Pleasant is on the lot. He catches her. Heh. This means that it will affect his wishes when I get to the Pleasant lot. One of his first wishes is to woo hoo....this will be interesting.

On this day, Don is only showing one wish that is doable. To make out with three Sims. Otherwise it is to become best friends with two other Sims, or fall in love with five. hmmm...I think the make out wish is the one he will go for. This make out does it. Now he rolls woo hoo in hot tub, in bed...ect. That is more like it!

Sorry about the stink, Pao. That is due to Don wooing more than one chick at a time...

The job in Athletics comes up for Don. Even as he is going out the door on his first day of work, he is thinking about all his great make-outs. Sheesh, Don!!!

Of course, every day after work Don wishes to date. Today it is Melissa Fancey. She has been calling him up incessantly on the phone, twice a day, ever since he met her while on the public woohoo date with Kaylynn.

DON'S WISHES: This time around, it seemed that Don's wishes rested more on numbers. Numbers of make outs, numbers of woo hoos. I made sure he met plenty of women to continue this next round. It was very easy playing Don, because it was the same every day when he got home from work. Date. Woo-hoo. He ended the round as a Starter in Athletics.


  1. Interesting to see how things change when you have to do a reset on things. Will be fun seeing how things evolve differently or the same during take 2 on this hood.

  2. Hey Wen, I'm really enjoying reading this challenge. Shame about the incident with your pc but good to see you back on track. I might do this myself, it looks really fun. :)

    1. It is VERY fun. I am totally enjoying it! Let us know you do!

  3. Great restart, Wen! I'm glad you're doing this - again, and it's just as interesting. You're really making me want to try this sometime.

  4. So interesting how things can play out differently. Don looks to be well on his way. Romance sims might be some of the easiest to keep wishes fulfilled for, if they know enough people.

  5. I love it! Especially the picture of Don in the llama suit thinking about making out. Sorry Don... no one will kiss you when you're wearing that!

  6. Deja-vu all over again :) Fun to read the different stories so close in time, when I still remember the last one!