Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 2 - The Goth Mansion

All Who Live Here: Mortimer Goth - LTW - to Max All Skills, Cassandra Goth - LTW - To Become Captain Hero, and Alexander Goth - LTW - To Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens.

I made sure the marriage scene would not succeed. Cassandra happened to see Don on a date with one of his many women on the last lot, so there was a lot of hate all around for everybody for a few minutes. I had never seen the alter failure cut scene before. Don isn't looking too happy, is he?

He's looking pretty scared!

And he leaves Cassandra at the alter, so she never had to have an ugly break up scene with him.

First wish fulfilled for Cassandra: Play, she did this with Mortimer. Alexander refused her. Heh.

First wish fulfilled for Alexander: Hug Cassandra. I guess he felt bad for being mean to her and not playing with her.

First wish fulfilled for Mortimer: Flirt with Dina.

Had to send Mortimer to the Orient...the second day he rolled 3 job wishes, and vacation to the Orient. None of the jobs were on the computer that day. He wanted to learn to teleport, so in between everything else, he would try to find the ninja.

While on a riverboat tour, he found the map to the Pagoda in the Shadows. This is the first time one of my Sims has gotten something worthwhile on a tour! This just proves to me that I have not experienced everything The Sims 2 offers.

And he learns The Legend from the old wise man, and receives The Legend scrolls. Not one of his wishes, but this was fun to do. Mortimer returns home, having found the ninja twice, but never answered the question right. Teleportation was not going to be his.

Upon his return home, things were quiet. Cassandra fell into a "I wanna skill" routine, as did Mortimer in true Goth fashion. When this happens, getting five wishes a day is extremely easy. Alexander grew to teen and drew Family again just as he did the first time I played Wishes. However, his LTW is now to raise 20 Puppies or Kittens. Ick.

Finally on Thursday, Cassandra drew "Slow Dance With Sim" right in the middle of Autumn. Ah-HAH! That was Cassandra's chance! She ran right down to the boutique to buy some clothes in the off chance Darren Dreamer would be there.

She lucked out. Not only did she buy 5 hot outfits, Darren was there. She flirted with him to get his attention, then he was good and ready to slow dance. Yup. Cassandra started wishing for engagement. YAY!!! (Get a close look at the happy couple, Brandi LeTourneau!!!)

And it's done! Happened alot faster this time than last!

Cassandra gets a new look at the store, and hopes Darren will like it. Then she buys a new wedding gown. She is going all out this time. She now is harboring 'get married' wish and 'wedding party' wish. And she still has them when she returns home. Her wishes did not spin as I had hoped they would.

Darren looks much happier than Don did.

And it's done. Not how I was going to run it, but Cassandra made this decision through wishes.

Cassandra gives Darren the contents of her backpack, which he gifts to Dirk so there will be no financial hardship for him later. He will be living there without dad.

So, just as the wedding party wrapped up, a roof raiser, Cassandra left for her first day as a Security Guard in the Law Enforcement career field. The job in her career field came up that day.

Alright so Darren joins the household. The first thing he wants is an $8,000 TV set. Luckily, the Goths have half a mill in liquid cash. So out goes the ugly city painting above the fire place, and in comes the big Soma Wall-Eye flat screen TV. Then he wants a microwave. Uh-huh. Then he wants a pinball machine. Ugh. That went in his backpack. Then he rolls a want for a kitten. Bingo! Thank you! Alexander hurries to call the pound to get a kitten delivered to the house, so he can get started on his LTW of raise 20 puppies or kittens. I guess Darren realized he wasn't poor anymore! Oh yes. His LTW is to Become Head Of The SCIA. So it will be daily visits to until it comes up. Otherwise, he will take it easy.

Goths from times past giving Mortimer a hard time. Morty pretty much stays in platinum skilling...hoping to reach his LTW before his Grim party. Takes continual hits on the energizer. I decided not to give him elixir. He may live to marry Dina, he may not.

Until Alexander gets his own place to run his Cat Ranch, the cats have been corralled into the Goth Cemetery in the corner of the yard. The first kitten, Alegra, has already grown up and is making note of more Goths coming out of their graves to haunt. hehehe!

And, Mortimer gets his LTW the next night by skipping rope. After reading the appropriate book, of course. Go you, Morty!!! No more letting him sit to skill though, to get his five wishes.

Well, Mortimer really didn't have to worry much about staying busy. At... (get this) 3 a.m. Monday morning, Grimmie comes for him. What the heck?? 3 a.m.? I was thinking he would live long enough to romance Dina 1 day and give her a little dough!

Alexander wasn't as easy this first round as last time. He didn't roll a single wish to go to University, so he may not go. (Yes, I have University loaded). heh. Once he rolled Family, he spun 'fall in love' and never lost it. Poor sap.

Cassandra and Darren were not successful at conceiving a child. (Again, Try For Baby is never chosen in Pleasantview. Risky takes care of it with Woo-Hoo only).


Mortimer: Being the predictable Knowledge Sim that he was, he wanted to skill, that is, after he went on his vacation to the Orient. Then he was ready to buckle down and study.

Cassandra: Cassandra was lots of fun to play this time, no vacation trips for her. She threw me a bone and spun a wish to dance with a Sim, and thus, she and Darren got together, and mighty quick, I might add. Once she and Darren got hitched, all she wanted was to study logic. Easy.

Darren: Again, being the good Knowledge Sim, study, study, study. 'Twas a problem sometimes to get him to the bed to try to fullfill the baby wish with Cassandra, that was harbored and never lost.

Alexander: Has no interest in the Cat Farm he has started in the back yard for his LTW. Spun up "Fall In Love" and never lost it. Other wishes kept and not lost: Be best friends forever with so-and-so. Hard, hard, I had no control over that. I am afraid he was a failure this time, once he aged to teen. He never brought home any girls from school, when ever he went to town there was nothing but grown up Sims around. Once he spun "Get a toybench" he spun up a wish to start getting badges, so he managed a bronze in toys, and has a backpack full of bricks. haha. We will see what happens next time.


  1. Wow....WAY different than the first time around. Cassandra certainly didn't waste any time this time around. Poor Alexander, he REALLY wants a girl this time.

  2. I enjoyed seeing Cassandra marry this time. She looked really pretty in her wedding and with her makeover. I was a little sad that Mortimer had to die sooner in the round, but he seemed quite happy.

  3. Wow, Darren tried to buy them into the poor house right away huh? Lol. Interesting watching it all play out so differently.

  4. haha, I find the 'Don ditching Cassandra at the altar', the funniest cut-scene! heheh *evil grin*.
    He doesn't deserve her anyway, :D
    I've just started playing this challenge myself, gonna play a round of each family before I blog it. :)

    1. I am having a lot of fun with it, seeing things I never noticed before (I was a victim of prosperity tunnel vision) and I am doing things I would never consider because the Sims are wishing for it. heh

  5. That's the thing with trying different challenges - you will end up doing things you would never thonk of yourself!