Friday, April 20, 2012

Round 3, Lot 1 - Lothario

All who live here - Don Lothario - LTW to become a Hall Of Famer

Well Don really disappointed me when I first opened the lot. All generic wants....

He fulfilled a want to talk by calling up his fiancee, Dina. He immediately threw a wish to flirt with her. yeah!

Returning home from work, he gets a promotion, thanks to some string pulling from Toby. Who is Toby? Hahaha, no matter! Don spins up new wishes, to ask a Sim out on a Date. he calls up Dina again, and that is all she wrote for the day. Dina came rushing over. When oh when are you going to wish to marry Don and tame this beast, woman!

But Don is having none of that marriage stuff. Each time he dates Dina or anyone else for that matter, he instantly rolls a fear of being married to Dina. This day he rolled a wish to ask a Sim out on a date. However, Dina was at work, and stayed there for a while. So Don calls up Sandy Fairchild, the arranged date from last round that Marylena Hamilton set up for him. Don and Sandy have a three bolt relationship, and they have fallen in love during this date.

Here Don dates Ivy Copur. He did it while hungry, and decided to take her to eat at Botanical Gardens. I love that restaurant.

While there, Dina catches them..awww! Just when they were loving each other again. Don tries to make up by kissing her, and she would have none of that!

And Dina (boolpropped) broke up with him. Yeah, I grew tired of dragging out this thing between Dina and Don. His roving ways kept her at arms length, she kept catching him. I could have waited and staged it during the coming Caliente update, but I figured to get it out of the way now. heh And...Don had his five wishes in for the day via his date with Ivy. Erm. *shrug* So I felt I could have a little fun. hehe

As soon as Don broke up with Dina, he immediately rolled wishes to have dream dates with all of these ladies, and to meet someone new. Geesh! Since he already had his five wishes in that day, he went home instead of seeking out any more dates.

However before he left, he decided to approach Nina and say hello. She wouldn't have any of Don either! She turned her back to him....poor Don!!!! Your tawdry reputation is catching up with you! (Don did this on his own. heh)

After the embarrassing scene at the restaurant, Don went home and played The Sims 3 on his computer for a while, to bring his spirits up. He was pretty sad. In the early evening, Ivy calls him up and asks him out again. Don already had his 5 wishes in for the day, but he decides to go out with Ivy again. Good for you Don!

They go to the place that looks like a 50's diner...what is it called...Reds?? They dance, have pictures taken in the photo booth, kiss...and Don asks Ivy back to his house. He is feeling like maybe he likes Ivy a little bit. Don and Ivy arrive at Don's house, and decide to get to know each other a little better.

After woo-hoo... BAM! Look what Don rolls. Do you think he is crazy? Or has he just been worked over by those Caliente sisters one too many times? Or has he simply hit a low point and will agree to just about anything? Who knows. But I am running with it! Ivy and Don have two bolts. I think this is crazy. I love it!!!! At this point, Ivy leaves exclaiming it is late. Don will have to wait to ask her to marry him.

The next day, the deed is done. Don looks happy in this picture.

And Ivy brought quite a nice dowry with her! Ya didn't do too badly Don! Not as good as Cassie Goth, but you got something, anyway!

I have never played Ivy Copur before, didn't know she is a Knowledge Sim. I find it odd she and Don have two bolts. Her first wishes: Gain a skill, invite someone over, get fit, and talk to somebody. Her LTW: To Become A Criminal Mastermind. hehe!

Don is having regrets, second thoughts, even though Ivy has just attacked him with a great make out kiss. Geesh, Don!

On Friday, Ivy's desired career field comes up on the computer. She will be working 5 - 1 which is great, Don works days in the Athletic career field, and will be able to have dates in the house in the evenings without much trouble, hopefully.

ASimWen: Good for you Don! What is your new LTW?

Don: Why thank you, ASimWen! As for my new LTW, I think I will follow in my one true love's footsteps, and become a Criminal Mastermind!!! And, I think I will pick up Fortune as my secondary aspiration!

ASimWen: Well Ivy, what do you think?

Ivy: I think I like being up here on the third story of *my* new house and painting while I wait for the baby to come.

ASimWen: Yanno Ivy, you will probably have lots of babies with the way Don likes to woo-hoo alot and all.

Ivy: That's okay. I am much younger than Don. I can handle it.

ASimWen: The question is, can you handle Don? Can you make him marry you?

Ivy: I am sure I can. Just you wait.

And that is where we end it for this round!


Don - Don's wishes were the typical Don type wishes. X number of loves, public woo-hoo, that sort of thing. Then he spun up to get engaged to Ivy. I never woulda thunk it. But now I think this was just a rebound thing after getting rejected by both Caliente sisters back to back. When Don and Ivy completed the engagement, I realized Don hadn't rolled his second aspiration yet (as I was having so much fun with his romantic type wishes) I thought this was probably a good time to do it bein' that he was gonna be a family man now, and all. So now he wants cars and musical instruments, but still rolls 'ask Sim on a date' every day. Still the same ol' Don under there!

Ivy - I am pleased to be playing Ivy Copur, I never have before. She had gotten a make over from one of the many Fortune Sims in the hood who wished for the Stylist chair. Ivy's wishes were mainly for skills, but when Don would wish up a date, her 5 wishes a day easily were easily accomplished.


  1. Go Don, engaged to Ivy, that's cool. I like her, :)
    I guess he cheated on Dina and Nina too many times, :D

  2. Say, where did you find all those awesome hairdos?

    1. Gosh I can't remember where I got Ivy's hair. I have so many files, I don't have them all installed at the same time. Lately I have been downloading hair from CoolSims and that could possibly be one of Noukie's hairs. Not sure.

  3. Well if you get tired of waiting for the want to marry to roll up, just see if they roll up the want for a party. Then just make it a wedding party.

    I've never put these two together before but I have always liked Ivy. I've had a great time playing her in the past.

    1. Oh what a great idea~~~ I will keep that in mind!

  4. Ivy seems cool. I haven't ever played her before, but I really like the makeover she got from whoever it was. :) Don is such a crazy romancer sim, but he's super fun to read about.

  5. Soon I think I will have to play Pleasantville myself, you make it look like so much fun!
    I'm pretty sure I played Ivy a long time ago. She got a daughter that looked like a clone of herself - I don't remember who the father was. I couldn't tell mother and daughter apart myself!

    1. I am finding it to be extremely fun, playing these Sims I have read so much about. It is like discovering a whole new world in TS2 for me! Nice and fresh!