Thursday, April 5, 2012

Round 2, Lot 5: Dreamer

All who live here: Dirk, Fortune Sim, LTW To Become A Hall Of Famer, Nichole, Fortune Sim, LTW to Become A Criminal MasterMind, and little Frank wants to grow up.

FIRST WISHES is the same for both of them - WooHoo in Bed! Easy peasy! I love it! Dirk and Nichole spun up woo-hoo in bed five times in a row. Erm. Dirk, you are incredible!!!

Yes, Dirk and Nichole managed to buy the old house that Dirk and his dad lived in. They brought their Uni loot and sold stuff out of their backpacks.

On Tuesday, Nichole's chosen field came up on the computer, she took a job as a Counterfeiter. To celebrate, she ran to town to her old place of employment and bought a new wedding gown, (some say it looks like Kate Middleton's gown) she also purchased a new tux for Dirk, and she got a makeover. I like her this way. This fulfilled 'buy new clothes' want. Yeah!

Huh-huh. All that woo-hooing leaves Nicole with a little one on the way. She won't be able to wear her Kate Middleton wedding gown if she and Dirk marry right away. Boo! Hiss!

Okay...might as well get it done. I want the baby to have the Dreamer name, not Thompson. When Nichole and Dirk first came home from Uni, Nichole also had the wish to marry a rich Sim. I don't know if Dirk qualifies as Rich or not, but at least she is getting married. On Wednesday. Better late than never.

All who came to the wedding:

Gamer girl Angela Pleasant, Cassie Dreamer, Alexander Goth, Dustin Broke (Hiding behind Dirk) and Darren Dreamer. While everyone was playing games, Nichole was sitting close to the buffet table eating, eating, eating, after all she is eating for two.

Two days after the wedding little Frank was born. Dirk looks happy, doesn't he? Geezow...there has only been one girl born so far, Mary Pleasant. All the rest have been boys! However Nichole doesn't look happy. Well girlie, that is what you get when you wish to woohoo five times in a row!

Three days after the wedding, Nichole reaches the top of her career field, and fulfills her LTW. She is now the top criminal in Pleasantview! Her new LTW is to become a Business Tycoon. Hip Hip Hooray! Poor Dirk, his career field in Athletics hasn't even come up on the computer yet!

Ha. So while Nichole works, Dirk runs outside to meet people and influence them to clean the house, and garden (to fulfill simple wishes). This girl hung around to play darts with Dirk, moving him a little closer to his wish for a hobby plaque in games. Oh but wait! ASimWen made a mistake and unlocked Dirk's wish for the hobby plaque. Erm. So I guess he can get it if he gets it.

Dirk checks the job ads just after midnight on Sunday. Yay! His job came up. And....

As soon as Dirk got his desired job, he received another perk. Now I gotta say something here. As I said back on the Oldie update, I normally don't choose second aspirations for my Sims. I just don't. I would always leave the far right column unchecked. I felt like the wishes got too convoluted, confusing....but since I am playing wishes, I am now inserting a new rule here to make it more interesting. For the rest of my time in this hood, the left column will not be checked, but the right one will be instead. In this case, Dirk rolled Family. Very good. :) And, every time somebody rolls Woo-Hoo, it must be so. No skipping over it.

Ah now. Nichole rolled Knowledge for her second aspiration. So let's see here. Both she and Dirk are Fortune Sims, and the secondary aspirations are Family/Knowledge. I think this relationship is made in Sim-heaven! Here Nichole is full of herself because she is teaching Frank how to walk.

And that is where we leave it for this week.


Dirk spun up all the usual Fortune wishes to buy stuff. And as long as I had the hobby plaque for Games locked, he wanted to play darts and video games. When I accidentally unchecked that, his wants for 'things' doubled. Then Spring hit, and he wanted to date Nichole. Then he became half Family Sim, and rolled Family type wishes like teach Frank skills, and have another baby.

Nicole: Nichole didn't so much spin up to buy things unless it was a car. She bought and sold a car 4 times. She wanted to read a novel, write a novel, sell a novel. This building off the two books she wrote/sold in University. She became a Knowledge Sim right at the end of the round, so really didn't see much of those type wishes.

Well see you next time! - ASimWen


  1. Awww-we didn't get to see her in her wedding gown! (That's the one that has about a zillion polygons, right?)


    1. Yeah, the wedding gown from MTS2. I can't wait to use it!

  2. It's funny how both our Dirk's never found their jobs! Well, yours did on the last day at least! :)
    Nicole and Dirk are a nice couple and yeah, the secondary asps can be a pain, but it's good to mix them up for this challenge I think. :)
    Frank is too cute!

  3. Interesting about the secondary aspiration. I have a rule that they have to have reached the top of their aspiration meter before they are allowed to have a secondary aspiration...thus unlocking the whole track at one time. By then I usually am not worried about meeting wants as much. I really want to see this dress!

  4. Another boy! You should do a matriarchy just to torture yourself - like I do with my patriarchy legacies that never gets published (except a Sims3 variety on :))