Saturday, April 14, 2012

Round 2, Lot 9 - Broke (2)

All who live here: Dustin Broke - LTW, to become a Prestidigitator, Angela Broke - LTW to become a Media Magnate, Anna Broke - Grow Up

Ah, time for Dustin and Angela, fresh from University graduation. They moved into a house that was last used in Prosperity Falls. It was the home of...errrr.... *ASimWen has to go look it up* Vonfirmath and JavaJan Capehart. If you would like to download it, it is available here.

First wishes:


Make money, call and chat, have a party, talk to *who ever this is* and make friends with her, and meet someone new. Gee, the only one of those that looks like a Fortune Sim is the first one.


Get a job in the Athletic field, meet someone new, have a party, go swimming, and talk to and make friends with Beau Broke.

So I figure I will start out with Angela's wishes and have her schedule a wedding party, and of course, invite Beau Broke. ;)

Of course, the party was a roof raiser, despite the fact that....

Many of the guests stayed outside and danced, rather than coming in the house. This is Mary Pleasant, Charles Broke, MarySue Pleasant, Beau Broke, and Daniel Pleasant.

Sorry Angela, you are not going to geat a job in Athletics. Your desired career came up in the computer the very next day. Tuesday. As far as Dustin is concerned, his job did not come up, but he took one in Adventure anyway. He had most of the skills for it already, and I figured why not. He immediately received the needs fulfilling career reward for it, the golden idol. :)

Uga Uga Uga!!!

Ha. During a wish fulfilling party, Angela lets her co-worker know that she is pregnant. I guess that fulfilled wish to woo-hoo in the car was productive!

Thursday was an excellent day for Dustin. Firstly the last Garden Club member leaves after plopping down a wishing well. Dustin had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off work and used it to work toward a plaque in his one true hobby, Nature. He has yet to win the plaque, but at least the well is there. Then..

The job came up in his desired career field. Things are moving right along for Dustin and Angela!

The crazy gypsy had paid a visit the day before, and Dustin threw a wish to...err....make a wish. heh. So being a Fortune Sim, I figured he would probably ask for money. He gazes upon the genie in total awesomeness after a bag of money magically falls from the sky.

And more good fortune for Dustin. He gets his gold badge in gardening. Go you, Dustin!

Ah-Hah! Finally! A girl...girl number 2 born in Pleasantview. This is Anna. :) I can tell already, she is pretty.

And..Dustin hits his LTW and is now perm plat. What is his new LTW, you may ask? To become the Hand of Poseidon. Huh.

Dusint rolled Family for his sub aspiration, and now wants cooking skill. Here Angela gives him a hand. Erm yeah...the Capeharts left a few career rewards in this house. hehe

Anna grows up on Sunday night, I think she looks like her dad.

And this is where we leave the Brokes for this week.


Dustin: I am starting to find a pattern with the Fortune wishes. For the first few days, perhaps 3, it is buy me, buy me, buy me. Then it rolls over to other things. They wish for their job and their spouse. Dustin was no different. Wanted 'stuff' then wished for skills for his job, and occasionally threw a Popularity like wish. Wanted cooking skills at the last for his Family sub aspiration. As soon as Anna grew up to toddler, he wanted another baby.

Angela: Seemed to drift away from the gaming reputation she developed in Uni and wanted parties, parties. When spring hit, spun up date stuff with Dustin. Toward the end of the week, she wanted skills for her job.

Anna: Wasn't in wishing status for very long before the round ended, but did get a wish for 'learn to talk' fulfilled (by Dustin) and snuggled with her dad and talked to him, fulfilling wishes.

Have fun everybody!


  1. I'm so glad another girl has joined your Pleasantview! It was getting a bit worrying there!
    She's a real cutie too, and Dustin and Angela have had a great round!

  2. YAY another girl! Anna is cute...I bet she will be pretty.

  3. Wow a girl! And a blond one to that - yay for Anna (still on the 1880's list? Sounds like a Swedish nameing list :))