Monday, April 2, 2012

Round 2, Lot 4: Broke

All who live here: Brandi - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens, Tyson - to Become A Criminal Mastermind, Beau - To Become A Professional Party Guest, Charles - To Grow Up


Brandi - To entertain Beau

Beau - To tell inside joke to Brandi

Charles - To get a charisma skill point

We start the round with Brandi getting a promotion to Vice Squad. She will use the money from this promotion to start on her LTW of raising 20 puppies or kittens, urg. She adopts small dogs Suzi and Jake.

Woah! I have never seen this before. I guess Brandi got too cold playing with the puppies!!! To the hot chocolate machine, pronto!

Tuesday night, Tyson Ebadi calls Brandi and invites her downtown for a date. They go to Lost In Love Hedges and Maze, and get their pictures taken in the photo booth. Upon exit, Brandi rolls the wish to become engaged to Tyson! You got it, sister!

She looks so happy, doesn't she! She deserves happiness with Tyson! I have never played this Sim before, so this will be fun for me.

And, it's done! Yippee!

That evening, Tyson proposes marriage, and of course Brandi accepts. They get married in the back yard. I figured they couldn't afford a big wedding. He only brought $1,000 to the household. Geesh.

Ah. Charles has grown to child, and enjoys playing snowball fight with John Caliente in the back yard. He has fulfilled several wishes with John on this day!

And....Introducing...the newest Romance Sim in Pleasantview! Beau Broke! Take a bow, son! :) His LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest! Entirely doable! YAY.

This chick, Brenda Wong had never appeared in this neighborhood, (at least I don't remember seeing her before) until Beau grew up to teen as a Romance Sim, and he had a high relationship with her. Did the romance mod from Pescado do this ? Hmmm....This made it incredibly easy to play Beau and to fulfill wishes.

Charles's main wishes rotate around doing things with the dogs Jake and Suzi. They are expecting puppies next round.

Lucy Burb is not immune to Beau's charms.

And here is where we end this round for the Brokes...errrr...the Ebadis.


Brandi: wanted nothing but interaction with Tyson. Once she moved in and married Tyson, she didn't roll the usual Family Sim wishes for her children. She was all about Tyson!

Tyson: Buy me this, buy me that. However, I managed to get around that buy fulfilling Brandi's wishes to interact with him. Once she would approach him, his wishes spun up to match hers. Otherwise, he spent lots of time on the computer giving financial advice, on his own. His desired career field in criminal never came up.

Charles: Wanted to spend time with John Caliente for a couple of days after meeting him at school. Then it was all about the dogs, and skilling cleaning. Occasionally wanted to play catch with Brandi.

See you next time, and have fun!


  1. That's so great about Brandi and Tyson! I love the frozen sims, had one keel over one time, had to wait ages to 'defrost' him, lol. :)
    Beau the romance sim, that should be fun.
    I'm off to blog my Broke's right now! :)

  2. I have never seen the cold icon before. That was interesting. Beau as a romancer should be interesting. Tyson seems like he really makes her happy.

  3. Be careful with the kids getting too cold, the Social worker doesn't see that as good parenting!

    1. I've seen the cold icon 1) when I intentionally imprisoned one person for kicking over the trash can 2) when people left with poor social, which I think can be translated as: Why didn't you offer me a cup of coffee _with you_.

      The social worker is too strict, all-seeing and supernatural without a good reason for her to be so. I got rid of her. With a proper patch, sims got too hot normally when going on a FreeTime jog. Nothing could be done about it, except increasing the logic of when to go jogging based on outdoor temperature (did that) or preventing them from going on jog altogether. ~ j7n

    2. Yeah I think he social worker rules are a little strict. I just leave it the way it is and deal with it. After all, this is just a game to figure out natural ways of play around it. :-)

    3. Dealing each and every obstacle that's presented out of the box is one valid style of play. :)