Friday, April 13, 2012

Round 2, Lot 8 - Oldie

Here we are with the Oldies. We all know Herb is gonna croak this round, he always dies the second week. Herb has earned all those elixir bottles and given them to Coral, for her to take in hopes that she lives long enough to see her LTW of raise 20 kitties.


Herb - To flirt with Brandi

Coral - To WooHoo

And just when I was making the decision on whether or not to bring Brandi to the house so Herb could flirt....Herb had someone sneak up on him from behind....he left a platinum head stone, seeing how he just woo-hood with Coral three times.

The insurance message never popped up, but Herb left Coral 20 G's. Money will not be a problem for her. She cried for about two seconds, then life went on. She spun up new wishes...

So it seems the Coral's cats Heidi and Bonkers are NOT getting along, even though they have been cooped up together in a fence. Constant fighting and challenges. So, Coral threw a wish to get a kitten. She adopts one from the Caliente house.

Not even a Sim hour later, she rolls another wish for a kitten. For goodness sake! This is easier than falling in love or bringing Herb back to life. hehe!

*Sigh* I spoke too soon Just for the heck of it Coral tries to get the cats to mate the next day. Suddenly, everything is sunshine and roses. heh Now to fiind somebody for Coral to talk to her hobbies about. Erm.

This is Leo Wilkie. He is a friend of Coral's, and always handy to come over to discuss hobbies. But Coral finds it irritating that he is always trying to kiss her. By now it is early Thursday morning, and Coral started rolling Fortune type wants since Herb left her all that money. Buy me a car. Buy me a florist bench, even though I have only two creativity skill points. Erm. Surprisingly, she hasn't rolled any wishes to send the cats to work.

Gads....Leo is floating hearts for Coral, but dig those weird eyes! Erm..they are just a bit shiny! Coral stay away from that!

Well, Coral didn't listen to me. The first day of Spring sprung....and she spun up immediate wishes to ask a Sim out on a date. She calls up Shiney Eyes. They have a fun date, no engagement wishes. *relief*

In the meantime, Ringo Caliente has grown to cat. He is a friendly agressive genius. Coral spins up a wish to teach him to 'come here.' He is a fast learner.

Heidi and Bonkers's babies are born, Stanley and Barbara. :)

Coral invites Leo over to date....after all it is still springtime. Whoopsie! There it is! So Coral has told me who she wants. For the record, there was a young twenty something coming around too, Bruce Rauscher. Nope...I didn't encourage that one.

Okay. So Coral sleeps with Leo, gets up, and like a good Family Sim, immediately rolls 'get married'. And the date they started isn't even over! So be it!

*ASimWen hums the wedding march* Dum dum da-dum! Dum dum da-dum! Dum dum da-dum da-da-dum dum-de-dum!

AND...what is Leo the Family Sims' LTW?????

Erm. *GULP* I don't think so...what with alla the cats that have to be born and eveyrthing for Coral. No time, no room. Unless there is some sort of *Miracle* *cough* Leo rolls Romance for his second aspiration. He brought $2,000 and nothing in his backpack. Coral, you picked a winner.

Leo and Coral develop a sudden hankerin' for a garden.

And we end the week with Coral taking a hit from Herb's elixir to keep on truckin'.


Coral: After Herb had his Grim party, Coral wished things for the cats, to be their friend and to teach them commands. She spent a brief day wishing for "things" (her Fortune sub-aspiration). But once Leo entered the picture, it was all about Leo. They are a three bolt couple. Constant Leo this, Leo that.

Leo: Is actually a pretty cool guy. Being a Family Sim with a Romance Sub Aspiration is pretty interesting! Being that both aspirations like to woo-hoo, he is constantly at it with Coral. He doesn't have to wait until Spring to get some of that!


  1. Bye Herb, great aspiration points!
    So Coral married ol 'Shiney Eyes'! Go Coral! eeks at the marry off 6 kids, hate that one! (Done it once, lol).
    A great and entertaining round and good that the cats are getting along! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness....Bye Herb and hello Leo. I had to laugh at Bruce Rauscher coming around. He's in my Breeze Point hood married in early and actually an elder. He's a fun sim, I really liked playing him.

  3. Action in her old days!
    Coral seems to be funny. I'm wondering - what would you do if someone rolled a wish to get married to an already married sim?

    1. OOOh how interesting! I would instigate it for the drama!!!!