Sunday, April 22, 2012

Round 3, Lot 2 - The Goth Mansion

All Who Live Here: Cassandra Dreamer - LTW to become Captain Hero, Darren Dreamer - LTW to Become Head of SCIA, Alexander Goth - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens, William Dreamer - LTW To Grow Up

First Wishes:

Cassandra - To play a video game
Darren - To Invite Someone Over
Alexander - to Play With Womrat
William - To Talk To Darren

Erm. So okay, all those first wishes were easy to fullfill, for Cassandra and Alexander it was after they arrived home from work/school. Darren had the day off, and spent it doing things with William. These two felines above are the children of Alexander's cats, Cymmi and Alegra. They grew up 4 hours after I opened the lot.

And as soon as they had their birthday, Darren picked up the phone and sent them off to the pound. That is four cats down, 16 to go for Alexander.

Starting Monday afternoon, Darren had constant thoughts about doing things with Daniel Pleasant. Talk to Daniel. Play with Daniel. This continued on Tuesday. Here Darren wishes to beat Daniel at a game. Geesh! Sometimes the things the game comes up with bewilder me. Darren won this game! That is another wish I never let my Sims fulfill. I just find it to be worthless.

Here Darren visits Games of Glory where he attempts to win a gaming competition against George McCarthy.....

And da winnah is...........! Not that Darren needs the money, but still!

Shortly after Darren's huge victory over George McCarthy at the sweaty keyboards, Casssandra has a victory of her own. She is now Captian Hero, and is now and forever more happy. Her new LTW - *drum roll* To Become A Professional Party Guest. Err..where did this come from for a Family Sim? Cassie also chose her secondary aspiration this day. She is now half Pleasure Sim. :) Good for you Cassie, you deserve some fun! What did she wish for on this momentous day?

She wants a water balloon fight, to go on a date, play a computer game, and to stargaze. I like it! Well, since Darren is at work and she can't date, she will play a computer game.

Another kitten is born, Josette Goth. YAY!

Alexander ages to adult on Wednesday, and throws immediate wishes to flirt, and to move out. So off he goes to the wishing well to wish for romance. He gets a girl from Twiki Island, and a just has he turns to her to get a lil' lovin', Gunther Goth pops out of the well and scares the pee out of him. hehehe! But that didn't stop him at all..he turned to this island girl and kissed the livin' daylights out of her!

So, Alexander is immediately drunk with love, and throws a wish to get engaged to Daisey..err...what's her name....McCarthy. So be it! Even though I know he has the witchery spell of the well cast over him right now. Ummm, even Sims get bitten by the love bug..poked with Cupid's arrow...smitten with love at first sight. So I will assume this is so with Alexander. Maybe it will work! *shrug*

We know how it is with Family Sims. As soon as the engagement is done, they wanna get hitched right away! Being that there is a wedding arch all handy like out in the Goth garden, Alexander and Daisey high tail it to stand under the Wedding Arch of Love.

Daisy is a Family Sim with an LTW of 6 neighborhood bloating grandchildren. Alrighty then. That is doable!

And....Alexander and Daisy move out right away, with new kitten Josette in tow. Mortimer watches his only son and his new wife leave to start their own lives.

On Friday, I was delighted to see Mary Pleasant come home on the bus with William. I just love this little girl!!!!

On Sunday, William spun up a wish to go fishing, so Darren took him to the park. Darren spun up a wish to get the gaming hobby plaque, (no wonder with all those gaming challenges he spun up this round) so he sat down to play chess, and along comes Dirk to sit down with him.

But poor William was catching nothing but boots. hehe

On Sunday afternoon, Alegra delivered three more kittens, who Darren immediately sent off to the pound for one of the other kitten breeders in Pleasantview breeders to use. And more kittens are on the way! Yay!

And so that is where we leave the Dreamers, living in the Goth Mansion.


Darren - Darren finishes out the week as a Double Agent in the SCIA career field. At the beginning of the week, he wanted to spend time with friends, but when the gaming wishes were fulfilled, he threw a wish for the gaming hobby plaque, and then from that point on it was all gaming related wishes. Blog about, play, ect. He also became the caretaker of the garden, as his one true hobby is Nature. He spun up a wish to make a wish after the old gypsy came by, and he chose platinum aspiration. I figured why make him wait, he was almost at TOC anyway.

Cassie - Before she took on her second aspiration of Pleasure, she threw skill related wishes, and wishes to spend time with Rainbow the bird, and Blackie the womrat. Rainbow died, and she then wanted to clean the cage. The cage was then deleted. Once she became 1/2 Pleasure Sim, her wishes were much easier with wanting to date every day. She also wanted to do things with William. She finishes out the week as a gas station attendant in the Slacker field. Her second desired field came up on the computer on Friday.

William - wanted to fish and find bugs. Occasionally wanted to tell his mom a joke. Sounds like a kid!

Have fun, everybody!


  1. Wow, what a great update! I guess it won't be Alexander and Lilith then?! The well is a good plan, how funny to see that ghost pop out!
    Some great wishes too, I hate the 'win a game against so-and-so' too, but I don't mind the 'win gaming comp', that happened a lot in Uni for me.
    Yay for Cassandra and TOC/LTW. It's all going great.
    Just trying to iron out the bugs in my game, and I'll be back with it, so keep going with yours! :D

  2. All caught up! Love this blog, and the challenge.. I've actually started it myself, but haven't got around to blogging it yet.. :)
    It is so funny to see how different the stories turn out, very interesting... :D

    1. Love at first site for Alexander! Interesting! It really sounds fun to just take them where they want to go.

    2. yes, I am having fun letting the Simmies have what the want. :) It is a blast.

  3. Awesome round. I remember playing the Dreamers one time and Cassie and Darren had I think two sets of twin boys at all. It's so funny how differently things can turn out...especially when dealing with wishes. I really want to do this sometime, but with two prosperity hoods running already I really shouldn't.

  4. Will be interesting to see Alexander at his own lot with wie and cat!