Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Round 2, Lot 7 - Burb

All who live here: John - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens, Jennifer - to Make $100,000, and Lucy - to Become a World Class Ballet Dancer

First wishes:

John to woohoo in bed
Jennifer to woohoo in bed
Lucy to Get into Private school

Thanks to Jennifer's success with two different businesses during the first round, the Burbs were able to afford a bigger house. Better to impress the Headmaster when he visits. Hopefully Lucy can get in!

Whoopie! This is one of the highest scores I have seen with 3:35 left to go. :)

John decided to get a job, what with a new little one on the way. All that woohooing will do it. The Dreamers can attest to that. John figures he can still raise 20 puppies while working a job too. So he gets a job in law enforcement A: It is a job Family Sims typically like to have and B: It will help him develop his one true hobby in Nature. (cleaning).

Three puppies born...Jason, Loretta and Doris. YAY. Only 15 more to go.....

John and Jennifer are blessed with a boy, Joseph. Erm. That makes seven boys to one girl born in Pleasantview. I have to say at this point it is Wednesday evening in the Burb house, and it is insanity keep up with Jennifer and Lucy's Fortune Sim wants. Even though there is plenty of money to buy, I just don't want all this junk sitting around. buy/sell/buy. Over and over. I do have to say that Lucy is rolling lots of wants for skills, and KEEPS the Uni wish, so she will be going.

Speaking of skilling. Whilst Lucy was working on a wish to collect her eighth logic skill... looks like she will be getting the extraterrestrial reparations grant for University.

Lucy gets invited out by Brenda Wong for an outing downtown. Naturally Beau Broke shows up too in the group....Beau is going steady with Brenda, and is in crush with Lucy. Luckily, nothing crazy happened here. Erm, you can tell Lucy has been dancing. She has the frozen dance face on.

Jennifer rolled Knowledge for her second aspiration, and now wants to skill, skill, skill. Makes life easier for me. John only spins up wishes for skills when he needs one to promote in his job in Law Enforcement.

Well hi there Joseph! Aren't you a cutie-patooty! What's that? You wish to learn how to talk! AOKAY! :)

I love when babies age to toddler in the fall. They generally can learn all their toddlers skills in one training session as soon as they grow up.

Doris, Jason and Loretta head off to the pound. Good bye, doggies! I know we will see you again sometime! And more puppies are on the way. :)

John works with Bennie to teach him how to 'speak' for his job in Showbiz. Next John will teach to 'come here' to fulfill a wish....geesh...John and his dogs. However this is a whole lot easier and less to commit to than fulfilling John's wish for another baby! Ever since Joseph aged to toddler, John has been bleeding a wish for another baby.

And that is it for the Burbs...for this week.


John- He seemed to be a real sod this round. His wishes really didn't go in any particular direction, hard to peg. He did spin up wishes to interact with Jennifer, and the dogs. No real wishes toward his children. Wanted to win a cooking contest again. John is 'too nice!' Not exciting at all! He ends the week as a Patrol Officer in Law Enforcement.

Jennifer - Wanted stuff...until she rolled Knowledge for her second aspiration. Then woo-hoo it was all about skilling. I was relieved to get way from all the buying/selling. She ends the week as Head of Company in the Architecture field.

Lucy - wanted to do lots of skilling, and buy stuff. I found something interesting with her wishes. She spun up a wish for a mechanical point. Gets it. Spins up a wish for a car. Gets it. Spins up a wish for a mechanical point. Spins up a wish for a car....ect. This went on and on until Lucy had seven cars in her back pack. Heh. She will take them all to Uni with her. Maybe give them away to friends. Was fun seeing the first abduction in this neighborhood! I do have a hack that allows females to get pregnant on abduction. Just for future reference. ;)

Joseph - Typical toddler wishes, and contact with his mom and dad.


  1. A nice week for the Burb's! They can be hard work with their wishes sometimes, how funny about the car/skill with Lucy, I've noticed quite a pattern with things since playing this too.
    Nice to have an abduction! Ooh, I shall look out for that hack, :D

    1. I have had that hack forever, can't remember where I got it. But sadly it has never come into play. I got it the last couple of months I was actively playin Prosperity Falls.

  2. Well that was just a crazy round of wishes. I really like Lucy's look, she's so pretty. Joseph has really interesting coloring...much more like dad.

  3. Next time she rolls a wish for a mechanical skill point and a car, give her a junk car to work on :)