Sunday, April 8, 2012

Round 2, lot 6 - Pleasant

All who live here: Mary Sue - To Become A World Class Dancer, Daniel - To Be Come A Rock God, Lilith - To Become A General, and Mary - To Grow Up

First Wishes -

Daniel - To Flirt

Mary Sue - To Talk to Daniel

Lilith - To Get A Skill and go to University

Mary - To learn to potty (once she aged to toddler)

Wow Daniel, whaddup with the outfit? Eeek! You are going to town ASAP to get some proper Old Man clothes. At any reate, soon as Lilith gained a cleaning skill before school, the wish for University spun away.

Before heading downtown town to buy some new duds, Daniel helped Mary grow up. She is a spitting image of her mother. Her wishes were to learn to walk, talk, and potty, which Mary Sue got started on while Daniel headed to the store to get some clothes.

While there, wishes were fulfilled to meet new people. Strangely, he did not spin up public woo hoo or anything like that. However, as soon as he got home, he spun up a wish to ask a Sim out on a date, and there was Mary Sue, real handy like.

Lilith continued to have parties almost every night (to fulfill her 5 wishes a day the 'easy' way) but nowadays the only person that would come on a regular basis was meek Family Sim Alexander Goth. I was surprised to see a Lilith had a high relationship with him and in crush when I opened the lot. Then I remember he and Lilith had a quick date in the park in the Goth update for this round. They seem to get along pretty well. However there is only one bolt there, so we will see who they pick, if anyone, upon adulthood.

Ahh MarySue I think you are going to be more successful rearing young Mary than you were Lilith and Angela. When MarySue wasn't assisting Daniel in fulfilling his wishes for the day, she aided Mary with hers. Here she teaches Mary a nursery rhyme, and becomes best friends with her at the same time. Good for you, MarySue!

Wow, I never realized how high Sim toddlers got tossed into the air.

And Mary has grown to child. She is going to be a heartbreaker. Her wishes upon grown up: Make BFF with her mom, get to level 6 in creativity, make a friend and buy a game. Well, I think I can help a little! Buying one game, coming right up!

Huh??? This girl came home on the bus with Lilith. They had fun talking and telling jokes, had a small birthday party for Mary....ate spaghetti and had alot of good chatting social time, and this girl accuses the Pleasants of being bad hosts??? Really??? lol

Good grief Daniel...since he turned elder, he not so much just wants to "date" now he wants BIG NUMBERS of woo-hoo. Erm. Are you having an identity crises, Daniel??? This is tuff to keep up with, I have not made sure Daniel has met lots of women. Erm. I know! I will have the Pleasants garden...get the wishing well..yadda yadda. For now, he just constantly drags Mary Sue downtown for public woohoo. heh He occasionally throws a wish to become friends with so and so and that one is always met. The Pleasants are up to 11 friends now.

Heh well I didn't think of this until just a couple of days before Lilith aged to adult. I had forgotten that if a teen has a job, then it carries over into adulthood, sometimes with a small promotion. Lilith gets a job in the military. Erm. Maybe I can get her to commit to some skilling before she grows up. But I doubt it.

Daniel decides to go downtown without MarySue to see if he can get some woohoo with a new woman. Jill Smith is there again, so he thinks she must want to have a piece of Daniel. Heh.

Well, even though the friendship as fast, and Jill fell in crush with Daniel, she turned him down for public woohoo. Erm. I don't see this very often! That is the beauty of playing wishes.

Daniel butters her up a little more, then she agrees. Way to go Daniel!

After public woohoo with Jill, Daniel's thoughts turn toward Nina, mother of his son George.

Whutt??? I checked out Daniel's memories. He and Don were an item?? LOLOL!!!! Can we call this TV Program Desperate Romance Sims???

Okay. Mary grew up in the workout outfit, I checked out her one true hobby. Fitness. hehehe! So I gave her a shaggy tomboy type hair cut. I love it..I think I like Mary.

Lilith arrives home from work, and gets promoted to Drill Instructor as an adult, after being demoted to paintball attendant as a teen (due to a bad chance card).

Alright then. Daniel threw a wish to flirt with Nanny Kendal Lawson, after making friends with her. Was it worth it Daniel? Now MarySue is mad at you!

This is Hunter Wren. He came home on the bus with Lilith as a teen, and they became good friends. She had constant wants to do things with him, but he would never come to her parties. (Maybe because he fears them??) So when Lilith aged up, so did Hunter. Just want to see if there is something there.

An innocent flirt tossed to Hunter's direction, instant love, but no bolts. Will be interesting to see if she spins up wants for him later.

And this is where we end the visit with the Pleasants for this week


Daniel was rather interesting. Early on, his wishes still revolved around doing things with MarySue. But when he turned elder, he definitely started worrying about how many conquests he had had, and started thinking more about reaching outside of the home for romance. He ends his week:

Wanting to be best friends with a number of Sims, and wanting to purchase a vacation home. He is a Round Table Knight in the Entertainment field.

MarySue wanted to buy alot of things at the beginning of the week, which was satisified by buying/selling it back/ and buying again. Once she really started progressing in her job, she wished for skills to promote. She ends her week:

Wanting a Charisma skill, a fire alarm, buy (another) car, and sell a masterpeice. She is a tap dancer in her chosen career field of Dance.

Lilith was the wild child of partying the whole way, and wanting to have lots of friends. Although I noticed is is kinda mean. She can whip out a head noogie faster than any Sim I have ever seen. Lilith ends her week:

She wanted to become BFFs or friends with a number of Sims, and have a party. She never gave another thought to University, and did not cry about missing it. She is a Junior Officer in her chosen career field of Military.

Mary was a fun child to play. She threw wishes like swing me around, get skills, and interactions with her parents. She ends her week:

Play with Daniel, ninth creativity skill, get an A, and see rain. She seemed to gravitate toward her father more than her mother.

And that is the Pleasants for this week! Thanks for reading!



  1. Wow, what a great week for the Pleasant's! Little Mary is too cute! I can't wait to see her grow up more.

    How funny that Daniel has all those woohoo wishes now he's older, mine has turned into a saddo. lol. Being rejected for woohoo memory- that's a good one!

    Lilith and ??? Can't wait to see who (if anyone) she chooses!

  2. I love what you did with Mary's look. She's really very cute. Daniel is a hoot this round, such a crazy sim. Lilith has been quite a party girl, and it's interesting to see who she ends up with. I had to laugh at Daniel's memory of Don....TOO funny.

  3. Did Daniel really do something with Don?! Or could it be that they both have been in bed with Nina, even having a son each with her?
    Will be nice to see your only girl grow up!

    1. That memory of Daniel/Don affair is there when the hood is first opened. So it is a Maxis generated memory. I found it to be funny.

  4. That girl dressed in pink, who complained about being hosted badly, is a vacation local, from the Mountains, if my memory serves me right (that is if she has the English/Cassandra's eyes). She somehow got invited as a houseguest. Houseguests couldn't replenish one of their motives on their own without a patch. I think it was Hygiene.

    I think it's the culture shock from being so far from home, that makes them act a little weird. After all she was pulled out of the mountains countryside, and into the rich suburb of Pleasantview. ~ j7n