Sunday, April 15, 2012

Round 2, University

I don't believe I have ever played a one person University. Heh. It is Lucy Burb. John dropped her off, and she grew up into the red and black cheerleading outfit. Uh, no. But in the mean time, her first wishes were:

For her friends Brenda Wong and Beau Broke to attend University, to do homework, and to write her term paper. Two easy, two not. Beau will not have the opportunity to go to Univeristy, because he didn't wish for it.

Lucy checks in at the dorm, then leaves to go clothes shopping. She brought over $5,000 in scholarships with her, so she as a little dough. Plus she has seven cars in her backpack. (See last Burb update)

She gets some new clothes, and a new look. Go you, Lucy!

Secret Society was hers the second night on campus. It is sooooo much easier playing one Sim through Uni than 5 or 6....or 46!

This happened halfway through the second semester of Sophomore year. By this time, Lucy's main wishes are for hobby plaques in cuisine and science, and still for her friends Brenda Wong and Beau Broke to come to University. She has not spun up any major wishes to to buy things, except for a couple of paintings. Anyhow, my Simmies usually get a 4.0 grade. So what happened here? Ummm...I got up to go check laundry and forgot to pause the game. Apparently, Lucy did not go to her final exam. However, she did get her hobby plaque in science. heh This means she gets to try to hack her grades, something I have never had my Sims do. What fun!

I waited eagerly for spring to hit, thinking that Lucy would immediately roll up a bunch of romance type wishes, and that I would be able to find her a mate. Nope. What you see here is the first thing she rolled, and that was on the second to last day of spring. Up to now, most wishes were blogging science and cuisine, serving food, and the usual write term paper and influence people to clean.

Woah! I sent Lucy to the gym to see if maybe any suitable men would come around (but the "Scope" actions showed there was no one there she was interested in) and she shows me this...she sure is mad at her father! I wonder what happened when I went to check my laundry? Being that John is the neighborhood curmudgeon when it comes to people peeking through the telescope, I am thinking he probably hotfooted it clear to University and shoved her around for taking a look at what was going on at home.

Okie dokie, so the crazy gypsy came by and left Lucy the lamp. Of course she immediately rolls 'make a wish', and so it was! Because she is a Fortune Sim, she naturally wished for money. Go you, Lucy!

Lucy feeds her inner Rachel Ray and cooked and served up salmon for all her dorm mates. The young man sitting across from her is Neil Leong. They have a two bolt relationship, but so far she hasn't shown any real interest in him, even though they have fallen in love. No thoughts about him and whatnot.

Well here she is nearly halfway through the Senior year, and she finally rolls a wish for a toy making bench. Took her long enough! This happened directly after getting the 9th creativity skill. Even though I highly doubted she would use it, just for kicks I allowed her to buy it.

Well, erm, Lucy has graduated with honors. She gained hobby plaques in Art, Cuisine, and Science. She gained a gold badge in toy making. (yeah, she spent most of her Senior year making toys after wishes and classes). I couldn't refuse her wishes for badges.

WISHES: Once she got over missing Beau Broke and Brenda Wong, her wishes mainly centered around blogging, and talking about her hobbies. Really??? LOL She was very easy, this is probably the fastest Uni I have ever done. It was a pleasure!

- ASimWen

Round 2 Stats:

Number of Sims, Alive And Dead:

Current Play List

  1. Lothario
  2. Goth Mansion
  3. Caliente
  4. Broke
  5. Dreamer
  6. Pleasant
  7. Burb
  8. Oldie (Wilkie)
  9. Broke (2)
  10. University

Sim On, Everybody!


  1. Wow, great round- Go Lucy- it's easy (but not as much fun eh? to play one through Uni). You must tell me how you are scoring and I can go back through my notes and do the same.
    I'd forgotten I have 2 in Uni... lol. I'll play them next time. I have a week off next week so will play lots! :)

  2. I LOVE Lucy's new look and that outfit is so cute. Good job getting her through Uni, although I'm sure it was much easier with just one sim. Nice job on this round.

  3. Lucy remained single all through Uni! Will she meet someone when she gets back? Beau Broke, maybe... :)

    1. I have plans for Beau. I think I want to hook him up with Brenda. Childhood sweethearts and all that. But I will have to see what HE wants..haha!

  4. I think the brown Lucy is very cute on the first picture. Something about her says "witch", one who stays forever young like that. I found women didn't worsen much after growing up from teen, unlike men. ~ j7n